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A live, comprehensive course in magic for anyone who wants to advance in their art.

This is focused coaching to help you get where you want to go. Whether it's building a strong foundation for the beginner, or consulting for a working professional, level up your magic with one-on-one online lessons. 


Mason Kirby



In the relatively short time I’ve been Cameron’s student (9 months), I’ve learned countless sleights and effects that—without his teaching—would have been nearly impossible to master. 

Cameron’s instructional style makes even the most complex and technical moves/tricks possible with just a little practice.  Cameron has been a patient and enthusiastic mentor who encouraged me to pursue my own interests in magic.

He shares his vast knowledge of magic theory and techniques in a series of simple steps that make it easy (and fun) to learn.  I’ve truly enjoyed my time as his student, and I’m a vastly better magician because of his instruction and influence.

Timothy Carver



I met Cameron only a few short months ago. He immediately impressed me with the way he carried himself and greeted me as a friend. Then he did some of the most fluid and masterful card magic I’ve ever seen. I’m proud to call him a friend and to learn from him. He is an incredible teacher. Five stars!